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WHISKY The Whistler 7 Years NATURAL CASK 59° 70 Cl. (Boann Distillery)

WHISKY The Whistler 7 Years NATURAL CASK 59° 70 Cl. (Boann Distillery)

€ 98,72 Sconto 20%

78,98 iva inclusa

Paese: Irlanda
Cod. articolo: S0022
Disponibilità: Disponibile Merce Pronta Consegna


This expression showcases our 7 year old Bluenote at Cask Strength. We have drawn this liquid straight from the cask at 59% alcohol, allowing the consumer to create their own imbibing experience by opening up new and exciting flavours if one decides to experiment with the addition of water. Or alternatively, you can enjoy it as nature intended, at cask strength.


NOSE: Beautifully creamy salted caramel opens with undertones of dry orange peel and rich red apples. The caramel becomes deliciously more pronounced with the addition of water.

PALATE: Large burst of citrus fruits, slight pepperiness that gives way to the salted caramel from the nose. Smooth and creamy caramel coupled with its saltiness that lends itself quite well to the slight pepperiness that remains when cut with more water.

FINISH: Lingering creamy caramel finish with a hint of the pepperiness from the palate.

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